Marketing & Machine guidelines? EVD Seminar

ce_logo-THE HAGUE-  What is the purpose of Sales and Marketing being at the seminar of EVD, which is about renewed machineguidelines? That’s something for an R&D division, isn’t it?

In this seminar, organised by the EVD, several people spoke about the latest state of the CE-mark. The role of the EVD is clear defined on their website: “NL EVD International is thé government organizition which inspires and supports entrepeneurs by living up to their international ambitions. It is about offering information, finance and networking. NL EVD International is part of Agency NL. “ evd

Sales and  CE? There were approx.. 40 people at the seminar; Henk Kasbergen was the only person with a Sales & Marketing background. Since 1997 the CE is applied. The last time, much has changed and evaluated. I will circumscribe to the influences on Sales & Marketing.

An importer or distributor is fully responsible for the design, production and CE-marking when he wants to sell it under privatlabel. He has to have a TCF (Technical Construction File) and take care of all required documents. In Europe the manufacturer is end-responsible for a safe use of the product. It’s important to have the right documents of the original manufacturer. The government and law enforcement are legally qualified to ask for the TDF. They have to treat the documents as State-Secret. The original manufacturer will not just give away these documents, for the contents of the TDF makes it possible to reproduce the product (it contains secrets of the product). Solutions can be:

1. Making agreements with the manufacturer and getting acces to the TDF.
2. NoBo’s in Europe who can assess and manage the TCF on behalf of the manufacturer.
3. As importer making a Quick-Scan of the product.

Export: When you export the product, you have to provide the manuals and user guide lines of the language of the nation where the product will be used. It is wise to secure -in consultation with the dealer- the countries in the contract.

Sales_CE_MarketingSafety and risk analysis:  The estimate of risk and evaluation can be done by means of a risk graph like the Fine and Kenneth. If there are in current technology solutions for a higher security, then the companies are obligate to respond to that. It means that there are opportunities for sales. When a machine is old and economically amortised, the purchase of a new machine can lift up the safety to the latest standard. So this is not open-ended but legally required: not the new machine, but the safety.

CE IIb declaration. This IIb is outdated. Every part of a machine/production line which is purchased, has to be provided with a CE mark and the corresponding documents and user guides. A great exception are the rollerconveyor: they can be delivered with an assembling confirmation. However, the rollerconveyor has to be build according to the EN-619 norm and can delivered without the CE.

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